Hi, I’m Ellen.


I’m not blessed with the perfect skin. My dermatologist saw me grew up from a toddler to a thirty-something woman. Extremely dry skin, eczema, heavy acne as a teenager, impurities and light acne as a grown up. I had it all. My parents and I believed in the remedies prescribed by the dermatologist. Even the heavy anti-acne pills. They helped me get rid of my acne. But they also left me with damaged skin: completely dried out, paper-thin and very sensitive.


A couple of years ago I read an article about harmful ingredients in lip balm. It opened my eyes. That night I got rid of all my lip balms I was using that time. And it didn't stop there. Something within me was triggered and I read more and more about the ingredients of cosmetics. Little by little my daily skincare routine (and the routines of my husband and children) transformed into a skincare routine with products on a natural basis.


Today, so many years after the heavy acne treatment, I finally have the feeling that I have a better balanced skin. My skin not only looks better, I also feel so much better because I know what I’m using. 

I can’t accept any longer that the skincare products we use, that the bath foam and shampoo we use for our children are stuffed with chemicals that are no good for us.


I believe natural products work just as well, if not better than synthetic products. The natural products selected by The Soul Store are packed with powerful ingredients that make the skin better and give it a healthy glow. And if I have a pimple or a dry zone, I treat my skin with a product that is clean, transparent and natural. Feels 1000x better for my skin, for my body, for my soul.


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